7 sins against myselves since 2012, December 31st at 00:46:04

2nd January 2013: The Thinker gave the Programmer permission to delay a conference for a few minutes, in order to finish a thought. He did so, and then did not go back to the conference room, leaving no one in control.
6th January 2013: The Person forged the Thinker's signature to get out of a conference which was looking like it wouldn't give him control, and took control anyway.
20th January 2013: The Person closed the conference room, so that he could waste time on the web instead of finishing the wedding invitations.
21nd January 2013: The Person cancelled two attempted conferences, so that he could watch TV. The Person hurts us all.
23rd January 2013: We came to an agreement that the Gamer would run the day, and the Programmer took over without permission. When he was finished, he did not go back to the conference room, but just passed the day on to the Person, who watched TV. The Person then went to meet Yardena early, leaving the Gamer with not the tiniest bit of the day.
13th February 2013: The Worker decided to browse the web for an hour, in defiance of the Rules. He scheduled a conference to break him out of his time-wasting, and when that conference opened, he killed it.